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Yeaa just more opinions tho

Why me?
Why does it come to the fact of males that treat women with respect and
dignity get fucked over?
Why is it that we don't appreciated?
Why is it that we get looked over?
Girls talk to much, all they say is shit that fills the world with hot
I have a dream, matter of fact I'm gonna havea better reality,
Things just need to get in place,
Things just need to progress,
People need to stop lying, trying to save my feelings,
You can't take me down, never will, I stand still even when you don't
I've always made my self open to anyone I made friends with, I want to
be that different
I want to be the reason why they smile instead of crying,
I want to be the reason they wake up looking forward to the day instead
of dreading it
I want to be the reason they keep pushing instead of giving up
Why am I say I want to be?

I WILL be that dude

My thoughts at 12.17pm

This lecture is boring...I really want to get my music industry career
kicking and just get things movin....I hope to do those shows this year
as well and to book twista for this girls bday in may......girls only
bring drama...I see now why a bunch of dudes don't wanna get tangled in
their crap...I'm tired and need sleep...

I wish I could go to atlanta and support my homie aaron and network some
more...real talk I really do hope to be part of his team later down the
line because he Will be making big splashes with his options...I will be
succcessful and will continue to prove myself to everyone that I will
make my dreams come alive and my life be better than my nice dreams...I
have really wanted to start my own clothing line...I think I can really
thrive if I do that...showcase aka mr america is a funny dude. I
supported him and tried to give him the benefit of the doubt and try to
tlk to him as a man but yet I guess he doesn't want to deal with me
which is cool. I don't wish anything but good fortune pon him
though.....brandon howard is the new homie, dude is doin some big
things...hope to work with him closer one day....I need sleep before I
fall asleep in class....I hope you enjoy parts of my blog...I pray that
I will get to live out my dream career,.record exec...if not it then
traveling and getting paid to b in the music business...I will not
lose..I refuse...

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Atlanta, Ga (PR Web) March, 2009 - There come's a point in time when every man must set foot on his own journey and discover the world at his own fingertips. Son of Def Jam Chairman LA Reid and singer/ songwriter now prolific speaker Pebbles, AARON REID, has partnered with a plethora of new age entrepreneurs, moguls in their own right, to produce a multi - faceted fused showcase titled "Hello World". The event will serve as a platform to introduce new talent and service the up and coming youth as a means to let their voices be heard, in an environment filled with individuals that can help see their dreams to fruition. "Hello World" will take place at the CW Loft on Friday, March 20th, 2009, with doors opening at 7:00p and performances starting at 9:00p.

The "Hello World" signature environment will serve as a background for a coalition of young entrepreneurs, fashion designers, actors, producers, artist, models, dj's, and musicians uniting to become the influential agents for social change amongst the youth. Launching the Young Entrepreneurs Empowerment Circle (YEEC), chaired by Reid along with Jason Johnson & James Smith, a special business savvy attendee will have the opportunity to win a financial stipend to kick of their own entrepreneurial venture. Known for his highly rated MTV Sweet 16 special, Reid will use "Hello World" as an opportunity to applaud the works of young individuals making there own marks in today's world. Noteworthy individuals who have already joined the movement set forth by Reid include Angela & Vanessa Simmons, Teyanna Taylor, Quincy Brown and more. "Aaron has always had an incredible passion and love for music and I'm proud that he's putting his talents towards discovering the next generation of superstars and I am behind him 1000%", states L.A. Reid (father of Aaron Reid and Chairman, Island Def Jam.). Special introductions will take place for Keisha Chante' (the rising young actress featured in the upcoming Aaliyah movie), the Y.E.E.C Board, Jo Jo Simmons and special guests include L. A. Reid and friends.

Emerging as an an authority in "what's next" in music, fashion, and entertainment - the events signature listening lounge will feature Big Sean (Kanye West G.O.O.D Music/ Def Jam) , Unique(Def Jam Recording Artist), Ray Lavender (Konvict music/Geffen), Wynter Gordon (Atlantic), OverDoz, Rich Hill (son of Tommy Hillfiger), and more and the "Reid Experience" Lounge will allow the new mover's and shakers to be introduced to the hottest and newest technology and fashion to date. Join Aaron Reid and the Y.E.E.C. on Friday, March 20th at the Loft on West Peachtree. For more information visit and to purchase tickets visit This event will be filmed live.

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Crazy. So as I stepped into the CRC (Chicago Recording Company) studio downtown, I saw a bunch of people going into the place. Showed my face and said my name once, and then a woman I previously saw at an event said "I remember you, go on in", I mean I was like damn, that's status. So I brought my homie, john with me to show how the music industry is at music listening events, well Chicago that is. Place was packed!!! They had Red Bulls, liquor and females serving. It gave me an idea of how I sort of wanted to do some events in the future. So as I see familiar names coming in, I hear a few Rick Ross tracks that I like. Interesting, I think. I'm not gonna lie, Rick Ross got bitched by 50 cent, but his music speaks for himself, its some real Boss music. So then the music stops as I am near the back of the place and I knew it was just about to get hectic. I moved to the other side of the studio to not get squished to the point where people were rushing for pictures. So he comes out, I take a picture and john takes a picture too, one of them first people he got to.
Ross made his way to the studio room and faster then you can say "CURTIS!!" it was hazed with smoke. I didn't go into the room cause I can't stand smoke, but it seemed he and his people enjoyed the songs. So as me and my boy john realized we were hungry, we went to see what they had and realized they had some pizza. But as we guessed it, it was already gone. As the event seemed like it was about to be over, I heard this track with Kanye in it. His line had this classic rap "when I hit the club, girls get extra hype. When you step to the club, girls get extra tight. We know who's not getting no sex tonight!!!" wow Good to feel Ye is back.

Overall I think his album will do numbers just cause of the beef he got going wit Fiddy. It was a good event but just needed more food and less rain cause it was a pain swimming from UIC to get downtown with all that rain.

Feel free to disagree or what not but I just feel there should be more of a stance because of the actions 50 put out on Ross. But as i said before, his music speaks for itself, and its pretty good too.

Big Sean (GOOD Music/Def Jam)

Whats up everybody??

Been kind of a crazy week but let me get thru this with you all......

So the big homie and one of my new favorite artists Big Sean came through the Chi this week and I was able to chop it up with him at the northside Leaders location. Real cool guy and just gotta support him cause his story is inspiring.